Convert Your Website to WordPress

convert site to wordpressI will convert your website to a WordPress website. Some reasons you might want to do this include:

  • Update the look, feel and functionality of your site
  • Manage your content yourself
  • Add blogging/RSS capabilities to your site
  • Gain SEO benefits and make implementing SEO easier

Converting websites to WordPress is the most customized work I do (and some of the most fun!) because every website is different. Depending on what you’ve got now, converting your site to WordPress might not be the big scary undertaking you fear.

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The Rock Clause

What’s a rock clause? Ever have a contractor come and dig a trench or a foundation for you? He gives you a price for the job, but adds a disclaimer about how that price does not include unexpected events like hitting rock. Hitting rock slows the whole project down and drives up the cost because trenchers and back hoes don’t dig through rock all that well. He’ll probably have to break out the dynamite and blow stuff up to get the rock out of the way. Fun, but costly.

Here’s our rock clause: If we hit rock, we’ll tell you right away, and together we’ll find the most expedient, least expensive way to blow the rock up and get it out of the way. We’ll even make it fun, if we can. But it will change the price of your project.

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