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As a WordPress web designer with 20+ years of experience building, redesigning, and expanding WordPress websites, I’d love to help with your project. 

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website?

It’s an important question from your perspective. I get it. The problem is it’s like asking a home builder, “How much does it cost to build a house?”

The answer, from me or that home builder, is, “It depends on what you want.” 

That said, I like to give a ballpark idea of your investment because I would want that if I were in your shoes. Below are some guidelines to help you see where your project fits when it comes to price.

Small Website


An informational (“brochure”) website, typically 5-10 pages, with a mailing list opt-in, a contact form, a simple blog, but no complex functionality.

Medium Website


A more interactive website, typically 11-30 pages, with more advanced features like blogging, portfolio, galleries, events, calendars, additional forms, etc.

Large Website


A complex website with 30+ pages that requires more development, custom templates, an e-commerce store, training or membership portal, etc.

All website projects include a walkthrough/tutorial when live, a free month of WP Anti Hack Plan, and a customized Website Owner’s Manual.

Build, Redesign, or Expand Your Website

For the best response, be as specific and detailed as possible in describing your project/needs.

For your reference, expanding an existing website is a project like adding a membership component, a store, an online course, or a significant number of new pages.

If your budget is tight, check out the Quick Start Package below. It’s enough to get you going now and can be expanded upon later.

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Quick-Start Package

Perfect for you if you need a web presence quickly.

A Quick-Start Package can meet your immediate need and grow with you.


The Rock Clause


Ever have a contractor come and dig a trench or a foundation for you? He gives you a price for the job, but adds a disclaimer about how that price does not include unexpected events like hitting rock. Hitting rock slows the whole project down and drives up the cost because trenchers and backhoes don’t dig through rock all that well. He’ll probably have to break out the dynamite and blow stuff up to get the rock out of the way. Fun, but costly.

Here’s my rock clause: If I hit rock in your project, I’ll tell you right away, and together we’ll find the most expedient, least expensive way to blow the rock up and get it out of the way. We’ll even make it fun, if we can. But it will change the cost of your project.

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