SEO for Your WordPress Site

WordPress SEO Done Right from Start to Finish


You know your site needs Google Love because you’re tired of landing on page 2,649,558 of search.

You don’t want to even THINK about SEO because it brings on migraines that only the spiciest of Bloody Marys can cure.

But, you’re leery of SEO pimps service providers because you just don’t know if you’ll actually see a return on your investment in their services.

But, here. I’m putting this on the table because I love you. Without SEO, you’re throwing away your efforts. And you’re so much smarter than that. So much.

Investing in SEO is more than worth it because that’s how more and more customers find you.

Run, do not walk…

…from people offering you overnight results and guarantees on SEO. Google is constantly changing its algorithms, so as a result, SEO is one of those slow-roasting gigs. It produces the juiciest of results when done by a real pro, but only over time.

SEO is important, but if you don’t have time to devote to it (or aren’t sure where to start), this service is for you.

SEO Website Audit


Your stance in the SEO world, demystified. Know where you need to beef up your SEO so you can get the Google Love you need to get more traffic, more conversions, more sales, more revenue!


SEO Keyword Research


Your keywords aren’t just “coach” or “wellness”. And optimizing for the wrong words and phrases doesn’t help. Find out what low-competition/high-traffic keywords will work for you.


On-Page Optimization


Finally get your posts/page contents (titles, descriptions, headings, images, text) up to SEO par! Without it, you’re swimming sea deep in everyone else!

Choose one:

PageSpeed Optimization

PageSpeed Optimization

Is your site as “slow as molasses in January”? We’ll use PageSpeed Insights to fix the issues slowing your site down and optimize all of your images. Make your web pages fast on all devices.


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