What Should I Blog About?

Starting an online presence for your business is a necessity in this day and age. One thing that is key to a productive online presence is a blog with relevant blog topics. Not one that’s been sitting dormant for a year and three days, either. A blog that is consistently fed new content that’s viewed, shared, liked, and commented on.

So how do you know what you should blog about?

One answer: Your customer’s needs.

What are the problems you solve for them? What is it that you do differently than the others in your industry? Why do they come to you?

You already solve problems for your customers and clients. It’s the reason your business was created. Now, take that information and spin it into the form of content for your blog.

Sounds easy, yes?

Your New Blog Content

Make a list of all the problems that you solve for your customers. What are their most burning questions? Try to come up with 10 of them (minimum).

Once you have those 10, put three different angles on them. You now have shifted from 10 to 30 blog topics! How easy was that? You now have 30 WEEKS of content that, if done right, your customers will LOVE and want to share with their friends!

How do you make sure they love it?

Make it meaty. Don’t simply make it an inspirational piece or a piece about how you did X for a client and now they’re all in love with you. Give them them meat behind that love. Give them assignments to complete so that when they’re done, they have a SOLUTION to a problem they’ve been having.

That’s when they’ll fall in love with you.

That’s when they’ll come back for more.

As readers, we’re being pulled in 9 million directions and our attention online has dwindled to naught. Make yourself USEFUL to people and you’ll keep that much needed attention.

What was the last piece you wrote that got good traction? Do that. Again.

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