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“Without Suzanne Bird-Harris, my web site, www.GiggleOn.com, would be little more than a wishful dream. Suzanne is a skilled web designer, a Word Press genius and the Queen of the land of HTML. Without Suzanne’s skills, talents and loving support, Giggle On! would not be on the map.

Suzanne and I share the same no nonsense, down-to-earth approach when handling projects and her sense of humor helps lift me when I get frustrated in web land.

Your web site is in great hands with Suzanne!”

Christa Scalies

Founder and CEO, GiggleOn®

Suzanne Bird-Harris is a rare talent with a unique combination of skills.

First, she has an in-depth knowledge of how website and blog technologies can help a business build revenue through a much stronger online presence.

Second, she explains things in “Plain English” so that even the most non-technical can understand and overcome any fears of the technology.

Third, and probably most important as her role as a business coach, Suzanne is truly invested in her clients’ success.

How do I know? Because she does more than just “present information.” She puts forth extra effort to support and challenge clients so they actually use the valuable insights she offers and thus they become much more confident and powerful in calling the shots in their own businesses.

I’ve hired Suzanne as a consultant for my business, and I’ve attended several of her classes. If you’re looking for a significant way to build your business and take it in the direction you choose, I highly recommend that you work with Suzanne. I don’t think you can make a better investment of your time or money.

Jerry Kaup

“Suzanne is one of those rare business owners who can be fully human and completely professional at the same time. In fact, she embodies a reassuring strength of character that makes working with her a pleasure, not to mention stress-free.

And she is a patient and thoughtful teacher of all things WordPress (perhaps in part because she has spent many years explaining things to the young people who fill her household).

In addition to all that, Suzanne made wonderful contributions to my new blogsite, including finding the perfect photograph (when the old one on my previous site didn’t quite work anymore).

I had the feeling that she cared nearly as much as I did about how my site turned out. That gift of partnership seems to be part of her DNA, and it’s something that no amount of money can ever ensure. Happily, Suzanne has that kind of DNA.”

Laurel Marshfield

Blue Horizon Communications

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