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Make the web work for you. I can help.

Skill up with tech training immediately applicable to your business. Learn effective keyword research in a live workshop where you can ask questions and get answers in plain English.

Do you feel like you’re throwing darts in the dark doing keyword research?

You are not alone.

Many WP site owners feel overwhelmed by the complexity of keyword research and don’t know where to start. It’s easy to waste time and money on ineffective strategies that don’t get you the traffic you need.

You know keyword research is an important part of driving website traffic, but you don’t know how to make sure you’re choosing the right keywords.

Searching Google for answers is confusing, not helpful.

I feel your pain. I looked at each of the top 10 results for “how to do keyword research” and not one of them told you everything you needed to know. Worse, reading all 10 wouldn’t get you there, either.

But you don’t know that, so you pick one and follow its instructions — only to be disappointed when your content still doesn’t rank.

The tools are expensive and/or overwheming and hard to understand.

Keyword research tools are supposed to make the job easier, and they do if you know what you’re looking at and how to interpret what you find.

But that’s the problem, right? What IS all that stuff, and what’s it telling you?!

You don't know enough to feel confident hiring someone to do it for you.

You’d consider hiring someone to save time, but you don’t know enough about it to have an intelligent conversation with anyone. That makes you nervous about being scammed.

If you knew more about how to do it right, you’d be in a better position to make that decision.

When I started this business over 20 years ago, getting ranked in Google was easy-peasy. Back then, Google was hurting for content to display. All I had to do was publish an article, and I got traffic. I grew my site’s traffic by publishing a new article every day of the week for the first year or two. 

Over the years, I learned how to do keyword research, write engaging content, and perform on-page SEO so Google would keep sending me traffic.

Today, Google has more content than it knows what to do with. In fact, recent research by Ahrefs, one of the largest data companies in the search marketing industry, revealed that 91% of online content receives no organic traffic from Google search.

I still have content from those early years that ranks well. But creating new content that ranks well has become more and more difficult, and I didn’t know why. I needed to find out, not only for myself but for the clients I serve. 

So I spent 2022 getting certified in Content Marketing, SEO Strategy, and Copy Editing. I invested over $10K to learn I was only missing a few key pieces of the content puzzle.

Guess where most of them were? Keyword research.

Effective keyword research is the first step to getting your content indexed, ranked, and visited.

And I’m going to show you how to do it.

In this live, 2-session workshop, you will learn:

What search intent is and how it affects your keyword research.

Because even if all other criteria are good, if search intent doesn’t align, you won’t rank no matter what you do.

How to find relevant keywords for your business.

Learn ways to discover what your target audience is searching for and what are the right keywords to target. 

How to gauge the likelihood of your site ranking for a particular keyword.

Learn how to evaluate keywords specifically for your site. Know when Google is unsure and you should steer clear.

Where to find related keywords that will help you rank for your target keyword.

See the search results pages through educated eyes and read the clues Google gives. 

Each session will have instruction/demonstration, interactive exercises to complete, and an open Q&A. You’ll learn by doing!

You’ll also receive these workshop materials:

Reference Guide

A step-by-step overview of which step to take when and a glossary of terms.

Keyword Research Tracking Spreadsheet

A handy template to house your research.

Access to Workshop Recording

For review and to reinforce your new skills.

Live Workshop

tech training in plain english

Keyword Research That Gets Results

Identify and choose keywords with confidence.

Friday & Saturday
February 24th & 25th, 2023
1-4pm Eastern
(12-3pm CT, 11-2pm MT, 10-1pm PT)

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