Sticky Posts and The Six Ws

In honor of Mrs. Williams, my 7th grade English teacher, I’m trying out a new kind of post format here: The Six Ws, (a.k.a. The Five Ws and One H.) She introduced me to them by quoting Rudyard Kipling and the tale of “The Elephant’s Child“:

I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

To an impressionable child with an insatiable curiosity, this was heady stuff!

Mrs. Williams said no essay, no answer to a question was ever complete without addressing all six. That stuck with me.

So, when I think in terms of you reading this blog, I realize I would better serve you by giving you the whole story. So, we’ll try it out and we’ll see how it goes, ok?

Who, What, and Where

The ability to make a post “sticky” was introduced with WP 2.7 and is a way to keep a particular blog post showing as the first one on your blog (a.k.a. the most recent one.) Remember, WordPress typically displays blog posts in reverse chronological order, meaning the most recent one shows first, the one before that shows next, and so on.

Why and When

Well, what if you had a reason to want a particular post to always show first? How would you do that? Previously, you’d always have to be monkeying around with the date or use a plugin. As of WP 2.7, this ability to make a post “sticky” is built in.

You might want a particular post to show first because it is an announcement of some sort, or it’s an explanatory post you want everyone coming to your blog to see first.


How you make a post “sticky” is really very easy.

There’s a setting in the Publish section, a check box labeled, “Stick this post to the front page” and you check it, update the post and there you are!

Easy peasy!

And how do you “un-stick” it when you no longer want it to be the first post?

Just uncheck the box, update your post, and it falls back into the flow of posts according to its post date.

Can you make more than one post sticky?

Oh yes…and they’ll order themselves according to their post dates. So, if you make two posts sticky, the one with the most recent date will show first, then the other one, and then the rest of the blog posts will show.

Note: This works on blog pages where the “normal” blog stream shows. It doesn’t affect custom home pages, magazine-style pages, etc.

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