You’re In!

Welcome to the Divi DIY Club!

You will receive a few emails in about 5-10 minutes. Here’s what to look for and what to do with them:

  • You might receive a confirmation email if this is your first transaction with us.
    (The subject line will be: The information you requested (Confirmation Needed) )
  • You’ll receive an email receipt for your purchase. File that with your business expenses!
    (The subject line will be: Thank you for your order!)
  • You’ll receive an email containing your account login details for our website.
    (The subject will be: {Your Name} – – here are your WebsitesInWP account login details.)
  • You’ll receive a welcome email for the Divi DIY Club.
    (The subject line will be: Welcome to the Divi DIY Club!)

If you don’t receive these emails within 15 minutes, check your spam/junk folder first, then please contact us to let us know. (Email is persnickety sometimes.) 😁

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