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I love this Sunday email! During the week I’m bombarded with so much information and offers I’ll often just delete them to keep my inbox manageable, except Chris Brogan, which I always open and read. Now I find myself looking forward to two Sunday emails – yours and Shane Parish of Farnam St. Thanks for sharing, great info!

John Wypick

Probably told you before but want to tell you again: LOVE your writing style. I always am happy to see your email in my inbox because I can count on you to make me smile or laugh out loud AND teach me something useful.  Thanks Suzanne!

Michelle Goss

I always look forward to Suzanne’s weekly newsletter. It’s written with clarity, knowledge, and from the heart. And I learn something from every single one. How many newsletters can you say that about? That’s what I thought. Maybe three. And Suzanne’s is one of them.

Brook Packard

I have so enjoyed reading your thoughts … it is nice to get into your brain and hear how you think things through. Being alone in business can kill the spirit. It is so nice to see yours in print each week.

Deborah White

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