Measure Your Blog’s Success

Do you wonder sometimes if your blog/site is making any progress? It takes time to build traffic and in the beginning, it can feel like no one is paying any attention. If that’s where you’re at – take heart, it gets better! If you’ve been at it awhile, but still feel like you’re kinda flyin’ blind, then it’s time to start measuring your progress.

As with every other area of life, make sure you only compare yourself with yourself. Anything else is not fair to you and counter-productive. (By all means, look at other blogs/sites and learn from them and use them to help you set goals, but don’t be using them as your yardstick, k? Ok.)

blog metrics pluginIntroducing the Blog Metrics plug-in by Joost de Valk. This is a handy little plugin that plays by my rules – meaning it compares you to you…period. It is based on the blog metrics Avinash Kaushik proposed in this post (which I strongly recommend you read, btw.)

This plug-in helps you compare how you’re doing now with how you’ve done in the past. And really, that’s the only measurement that’s useful to you, that you can do something with, right? (RIGHT…!) So, if you see progress being made in your 30 day numbers as compared to your overall numbers, then celebrate! And if not, then hey – you know what you need to work on.

Remember: PROGRESS (NOT PERFECTION!) is the goal.

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