January 2016 – Cheers to You!

It’s my pleasure to congratulate – and thank, for allowing me to assist – these great people for the projects they launched in January. The best part of my business is working with truly creative people on a mission to make a difference for others. You guys rock! Thank you, and CHEERS TO YOU!!

Steve Jespersen makes shoes. But it’s more than that – for him, and for his customers. I don’t think he’d argue if I told you that for him, shoemaking is a spiritual practice. His customers get incredibly well-made shoes, and help Steve give back, too. For every 10 pairs of shoes Steve makes, he makes and donates a pair.

See for yourself at NobleSoles.com.

Kathleen Pagnini promises less belly fat, more bladder control and a better sex life WITHOUT pills, pads, surgery, crunches, kegels or working out like a maniac through her new video e-course launched in January. And Kathleen delivers! This course is so much fun! In just three weeks, I have less neck and lower back pain, less “leaking” (hallelujah!) and the rest? Well…the rest is none-ya-bidness! 🙂

Check it out at TheCorsetAndTheCoat.com.

Alli Gardner is a health and wellness coach with a down-to-earth, practical approach. Her new video e-course helps you improve your health with six, simple steps that deliver results without turning your life upside down. What I (and I think you will) appreciate most is Alli’s “progress, not perfection” attitude. This course is a winner, for sure.


Dr. David Scheiner, BA, DC is a licensed chiropractor, author, and career, life and health coach. He is dedicated to assisting people discovering their purpose while finding a balance of mind-body-spirit. This is the second website I’ve helped David bring online; the first was for his book, Chiropractic Revealed. David brings a wealth of training and experience to his coaching clients and sees his purpose as helping you find yours.

Learn more at his new website, DavidScheiner.com.

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