Why Google Loves WordPress and You Should, Too

You’ve probably heard me say it, but now you can hear Matt Cutts (the head of Google’s web spam team) say it: “Google Loves WordPress”

The good news is Matt is a funny guy – very fun to watch/listen to. (Further proof that we geeky tech people really can have interesting personalities…) Which is a good thing because this video is 46 minutes long. But you will laugh your way to learning…promise. (If you’re reading through the feed, click the title of this post to come to the site to see the video.)

He also talks about, in addition to why Google loves WordPress, the following topics:

  • Pagerank – what it is and how to get more of it
  • Keywords – how to pick ’em
  • Permalink structure – which one to use and why (oh, I feel so confirmed!)
  • How to get more people to link to you
  • and the real, true, deep secret of blogging!