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People say Divi and WordPress are easy. And they are…until they’re not. Then what?

Whether you’re on your own with your website by choice or by circumstance, odds are, you’re going to run into a challenge and need some support. Google is great for finding answers…until you find 10 conflicting answers to the same question. Then what? How do you know which is the “right” answer for you?

No wonder people get stuck and end up frustrated!

Technology can be so overwhelming. There is so much to understand, so much to learn… and so darn many choices! Simple tasks too often become complex headaches. You want to do things the right way – the first time around. You’re tired of trial-and-error and unnecessary delays.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have…


someone to brainstorm with? Because you surely don’t want to reinvent any wheels.


tips on the best way to go about what you’re trying to do? You know…so you don’t make a mess of things or take the long way around unnecessarily.


a pro to look things over when you’re done? Just to make sure you didn’t miss something or paint yourself into a corner without knowing it.

I feel your pain.

Hi, I’m Suzanne Bird-Harris, of WebsitesInWP. I’ve built over 500 WordPress sites for clients over the years, and provided training and support, too.

Back when I started with WordPress, there wasn’t much help available. Yes, having 20 years programming experience helped, but I’d have given my eye teeth to have someone to go to with my questions. I created the Divi DIY Club so you would.

Since 2016, we’ve used the Divi theme exclusively. No longer do you have to be able to write code to create a great website, but there is still a LOT to learn and manage.

Let’s kick overwhelm to the curb — together!

I am so thankful to have you and the Divi DIY Club. Just knowing that you're there if I need help with any WP or website questions is a huge burden lifted off my shoulders!

Deborah Bates, Divi DIY Club member
Deborah Bates

You don’t have time to learn everything. So we work on the challenges you’re facing now.

Divi and WordPress aren’t the only things you’re up against…

You also have to figure out email marketing, e-commerce, blogging, SEO, social media, video, audio and so much more! Your website is involved with all of these in some form or fashion, so we include them in the training and support we provide.

WordPress features and capabilities

Learn the basics and stay current with new release features and capabilities.

Basic maintenance & security

Understand how to properly maintain and protect your site from hackers.

List building & email marketing

Learn how to choose and use the right service for you based on your goals.

E-commerce & taking payments

Set up your store. Automate client payments. Make money while you sleep.

Blogging, SEO and social media

Create content that works as hard as you do. Use automation effectively.

Online courses & memberships

How to sell what you know and stop trading time for dollars. Help more people.

Video, audio and other media

Create content in a variety of formats for multiple purposes.

Systems, checklists & templates

Tools and resources to help you get all this done and still run your business.

Divi DIY Club makes getting the help you need affordable and predictable.

You’ve got goals. But maybe your plan is a little thin because you don’t know all your options.

Decisions you make today can affect your options tomorrow. Look at that list above. There are so many choices, not just with what to do, but how to do it. Does this payment gateway integrate with that autoresponder service? Do you need a shopping cart, or will a payment button be enough? Where does it make sense to automate, and where can it work against you?

As a Club member, you can discuss your strategy and choices (and their consequences) with us before you start…so you know what you’re getting into and don’t end up having to start over.

What if you prefer an individual, private consultation?

Not a problem! You may not want to discuss some sensitive topics in front of others or you might be in a time crunch…and that’s ok. Though individual, private consults are not included in your membership, you can schedule one when you need to…and you’ll get priority scheduling and a 20% discount as long as you’re a Club member. Get into action quickly.

And what if you decide you don’t want to do it all yourself?

No worries! You can pick and choose the parts you want to handle yourself, and we’ll do the rest…at a discount. Yes, you read that correctly. You get a 20% discount on done-for-you services as long as you’re a Club member. You’re in charge of how much “do it yourself” is right for you.

Suzanne has literally saved my butt on many occasions. She’s always been able to get to the bottom of whatever technological challenges I encounter.

Marty Marsh, Divi DIY Club member
Marty Marsh

Go farther, faster, when you go with us.


Access to three Fix It Clinics each week.

(Don’t struggle alone. Bring the problem to a Fix It Clinic. Leave with solutions implemented.)


Direct access to Suzanne and our community through our private Slack group.

(Smart, multi-talented people just like you, supporting each other so no one has to go it alone. Priceless.)


Access to all Tech Training in Plain English webinars.

(Learn not only the what, but the when, why & how, too. Training with meaningful context. And some fun.)


Access to all JumpStart courses.

(Learn and get into action, without the overwhelm. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.)


Discounts on individual consulting and done-for-you services.

(Save big when you need extra support: 50% on digital products, and 20% on consulting and done-for-you services.)

We’re here for you. Join us today.


per month.

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