Define Success For Yourself

Aug 19, 2012 | Plain-English Explanations

Some people measure success with money, others with degrees and titles, still others with fame and notoriety. If these were the true definition of success, why do so many people with all these things seem so miserable?

Maybe a different approach to defining success is in order.

What if you ignored the popular definitions and created one of your own based on what is important to you?

Define success for yourself.

I believe we are each here for a reason, most of us multiple reasons. I believe one of the reasons I am here is reflected in my personal mission statement:

My purpose is to use my experience, strength and hope to support and inspire others to live a life authentically their own, realize their potential and leave their mark on this world in a way that is meaningful to them.

To the extent that I do those things, I consider myself successful. You’ll notice that my statement of purpose does not include being a billionairess. (Smile) But neither does it exclude it.

Given the hangups so many people have surrounding the topic of money, I want to boldly state that I have NO PROBLEM with the idea of making more money than I could possibly ever spend. Why? Because the more money I make, the more I can help others.

Could I fulfill my stated purpose being broke? Yes, I could, but my reach would be severely limited. So, I have NO PROBLEM with the idea of using that money to leave my mark on this world in a way that is meaningful to ME. Isn’t that, after all, what makes one want to jump out of bed each morning excited to see what the day will bring? It is for me.

When you think of the word success, what comes to mind? What is important enough to you that you could see yourself literally springing out of bed each morning to go do it? When was the last time you noticed a contented smile on your own face knowing you had made a difference somewhere to someone?

Success, I believe, has little to do with your bank account balance, and much to do with being who you really are and serving the world at large in the ways only YOU can.

What is YOUR definition of success? (Hint: until you define it, how will you know if you achieve it?)

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