Content Marketing Strategy: Dos and Don’ts

Oct 29, 2015 | Experience Shared

The purpose of your online content is to raise awareness of you and your brand, as well as foster engagement. When people are surfing the web looking for information, they’ll find your content through links or searches. If the content you have helps them, entertains them, inspires them, or gives them some type of unique value, they’ll sit up and take notice AND come back for more.

Successful content creators don’t just sit down and crank out content whenever they’re inspired. They can produce consistent, high-quality content on a frequent basis because they have a system in place for doing so. Below are some content marketing strategy dos and don’ts to guide you in the creation of your content marketing plan.

Make It About Them

To make your content engaging, make it all about your readers and their interests, not you and your interests.

Variety is Key

A variety of content in a variety of formats across a variety of channels works best.

Be Unique

Try to find ways to make your content original.


Learn how to repurpose so you can take old content and make it new again.

Encourage Sharing

Get your readers to share your content for you.

Track and Adjust

Track your results carefully and see where changes need to be made.

Get Inspired

Follow the work of other content creators and get tips from the things they do.

Get Help

Use tools and automation wherever possible to save time.


Seek feedback from your audience to see if your content is meeting their needs.

Get Organized

Organize your content marketing strategy to stay on track.

No Planning

Creating content without a solid plan and schedule in place first.

Putting Yourself First

Creating the content YOU like, rather than what your audience likes.


Copying the content of others rather than creating something original with a unique voice.

Not Recycling

Letting old content that could be repurposed go to waste.

Not Diversifying

Using only one format and only one channel for content distribution.

Neglecting Mobile

Forgetting to also create content with mobile devices in mind.

Not Getting Help

Trying to do your content marketing all by yourself when you could use automated tools or delegate tasks.

Not Paying Attention

Failure to track the results of your efforts so that you can make improvements.

No Consistency

Publishing just a few times a month, randomly, and expecting engagement to “just happen”.


The “set it and forget it” approach; content marketing strategy is an ongoing job.

Over time, content that is consistently helpful, interesting, unique and high-quality builds trust with your audience. Again, think of all of the content providers you follow, like blogs or websites. You follow them because you read and enjoy each installment of content from them.

You can build this kind of relationship with your audience just like this through a solid content marketing strategy.

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