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How to Upgrade Your Plugins (and How to Know When They Need It)

WordPress, itself, is not the only easy upgrade process available to you these days. All of the plugins you have installed on your site/blog are easy to upgrade, as well. I want to say this automatic upgrade capability came along with version 2.5 or 2.6, but you know, I just can?t remember. Matters not – it?s here now, and it?s a beautiful thing.

Keeping your plugins upgrade to their latest versions is just as important as keeping WordPress, itself, upgraded. Check out this 3-minute video to see just how dead simple this is!

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Upgrade WordPress Yourself? Yes, You Can!

Upgrading the version of WordPress you were using used to be a rather arduous task, requiring knowledge of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and server access, which quite frankly, was just a bit much for a lot of folks. End result? Upgrading WordPress to the latest version was relegated to the ‘someday I’ll get to that’ list.

With the recent release of WordPress 2.7, upgrading WordPress has become a two-click process anyone can do – even you! No geekiness required.

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