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May 29, 2008 | WordPress

People keep telling you over and over again, ?You should have a blog!? You know they?ve got a point, yet you still don?t have a blog. It?s not because:

  • You don?t want the increased, targeted traffic blogs deliver to your site
  • You don?t want the additional sales increased traffic will generate
  • You don?t want get to know your target market better
  • You don?t want to cultivate solid, long-term relationships with your customers or clients

More than likely, it?s due to one of these scenarios:

  • You have it on your ?to-do? list, but other things keep getting in the way of getting it done. If someone else would set it up, you?d take it and run with it.
  • You don?t want to waste a bunch of time trying to do it yourself, only to screw it up in the end. You?d like someone to set it up and teach you the basics of blogging – then you?d take it and run with it.
  • You don?t know the first thing about blogging and you don?t want to bite off more than you can chew on your own. You?d like someone to set it up, teach you the basics of blogging and then guide you as you get underway.

vAssistant Services offers the following blog packages to the brand new or reluctant blogger in you! All packages utilize, a free blogging platform that is scalable (when you?re ready for a self-hosted WordPress blog, your content goes with you!), flexible (dozens of themes, widgets and options to choose from) and easy to use (if you can send an email, you can blog!)

Set Me Up Set Me Up &
Get Me Started
Set Me Up,
Get Me Started
& Guide Me
Set up account & profile X X X
Install chosen theme X X X
Install custom header (if chosen theme allows it) X X X
Configure sidebar widgets X X X
Set up/Integrate Feedburner account X X X
Set up/Integrate blog stats and spam protection X X X
Set domain name * X X X
Blogging Basics (1 hr instruction session) X X
Blogging Guidance (2 30-min consulting sessions)  X
Don’t have a PayPal account? No problem!
Use your credit card or bank account (where available).

Click ‘Buy Now’, look to the left of the PayPal Login
on the next screen and click ‘Continue’.



* (Optional: $15 yearly upgrade to purchase a new domain name and map it, or $10 yearly upgrade to map a domain name you already own.)

Blogging Basics: a tour of your new blog including:

? how to write, save and publish a new post
? how to edit an existing post
? how to set up categories, tags, links and link categories
? how to use categories and tags on your posts
? how to include images in your posts
? how to ?publish ahead? so you can go on vacation and still have new content going up
? how to use the ?more? tag to manage lengthy posts
? how to manage comments and handle spam comments

Blogging Guidance: Beyond blogging basics, you have (2) 30-minute consulting sessions available which can include any or all of the following:

? how to use advanced posting features (i.e. excerpts, password protecting posts, etc.)
? how to create static pages on your blog
? how to change the home page of your blog to a static page instead of the blog posts
? tracking and interpreting blog stats
? strategizing your blog?s content

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