The Benefits Of Making Affiliate Offers To Your Customers

Nov 9, 2018 | Email Marketing

You put a lot of time and effort into growing your customer list. Why would you use it to promote other people’s products? I get it. We can be pretty protective of our hard won buyers, and we should be. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t promote other people’s products and profit from it. With affiliate offers, we can. Let me explain.

Think back on a time when you started a new hobby, or when you began building your online business. You didn’t learn from just one person, did you? You didn’t buy just one book on woodworking, or classic car restoration. You didn’t subscribe to just one magazine or YouTube channel. Instead, you bought a bunch of stuff. You bookmarked a ton of great sites, blogs, and forums. You subscribed to various newsletters and magazines.

In short, you tried to learn as much as you could from as many different people or sources as possible. We all do this, including our customers. Why not help your people find what they need and benefit from it financially with affiliate offers? Done right, it’s a good thing for all involved.

Affiliate Offers Benefit Your Customers

Making affiliate offers to your list can be beneficial to your customers, provided you do your job to research the products, make sure they are high quality, and pay attention to your audiences’ need. Think of it as vetting or screening the products and services they are considering already and presenting them with the best options. You can even take it a step further by adding “how-to” instructions or other special bonuses or as a bonus when they buy through your affiliate link. Another fun option is to approach the product creators to see if they will set up a special coupon for your customers.

Affiliate Offers Benefit You

This one is pretty obvious. You will make more money. Think about it this way. Your customers are going to buy from other people anyway. You may as well take a cut in the form of an affiliate commission. Consider how it benefits the people who buy through your link. If you’re feeling weird about taking money for a product you didn’t create, you’ll quickly get over those thoughts when you start to see the affiliate commissions coming in.

affiliate offers

Affiliate Offers Benefit The People You Promote

The nice thing about mailing out for a product of another online marketer like yourself is that you’re helping this person out. If you have an affiliate program yourself, you know how nice it is when those surprise sales come in. It helps them grow their reach and gets the word out about the work they do. Ideally it will complement yours, making this a win-win opportunity.

Since you’re helping these fellow online business owners out by promoting them, they are more likely to recommend you and your products and services to their audience. That, in turn, benefits you again. Don’t you love how that works out?

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