About WebsitesInWP

We help make the web work for you, so you can increase your reach, grow your business, and as a result, your income and impact on those you serve. Yes, we build, support and maintain WordPress websites. Making the web work for you goes far beyond your website, though. So do we.

Our Approach

Email marketing, SEO, e-commerce, content marketing, social media…these and more are all part of your online business. We take a holistic approach to our work, so we look at your big picture first: who you are, what you do, who your audience is, and how they benefit when they work with or buy from you. Then we meet you where you’re at in your business and help you move forward.

Our Clients

We work with a diverse range of clients: coaches, product creators, trainers, artists, healers, roofers, mortgage brokers, churches, chambers of commerce and non-profits. Some of our clients are solo-preneurs, some have teams, and some have storefronts and employees. Some make physical products while others provide services. Some do both. What all of our clients have in common is a “can do” attitude, the willingness to ask for help, and a strong desire to succeed by making a positive difference in the lives they touch.

Suzanne Bird-Harris, Owner

Suzanne has been helping businesses grow by building websites that make people sit up and take notice since 2002. She is determined, enterprising and forward-thinking.

Not one to settle for average results, Suzanne focuses on adding value through better execution and conscientious attention to detail. She is driven by a profound sense of adventure and creativity and is known for quickly solving problems with innovative solutions. Spontaneous and a quick wit, she turns the stereotype of “geek” on its head and makes building your business online fun!

Suzanne lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma – smack in the middle of Tornado Alley – with her kids and their many pets.

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What Others Have to Say

“I am very grateful that I have found such an amazing woman to handle my website. Suzanne has been positive, happy, full of ideas, smart, witty and such a pleasure to work with.

If it wasn’t for the personal encouragement of Suzanne, and her genuine caring attitude about my business, I would have never gotten this ‘mother’ of a project off the ground!!

Thank you my beautiful amazing master of ‘programming online programs’ and OHH so much more!

I am Blessed to have found you!”

Kathleen Pagnini

Inner Core Fitness Specialist

Suzanne Bird-Harris is a rare talent with a unique combination of skills.

First, she has an in-depth knowledge of how website and blog technologies can help a business build revenue through a much stronger online presence.

Second, she explains things in “Plain English” so that even the most non-technical can understand and overcome any fears of the technology.

Third, and probably most important as her role as a business coach, Suzanne is truly invested in her clients’ success.

How do I know? Because she does more than just “present information.” She puts forth extra effort to support and challenge clients so they actually use the valuable insights she offers and thus they become much more confident and powerful in calling the shots in their own businesses.

I’ve hired Suzanne as a consultant for my business, and I’ve attended several of her classes. If you’re looking for a significant way to build your business and take it in the direction you choose, I highly recommend that you work with Suzanne. I don’t think you can make a better investment of your time or money.

Jerry Kaup

“Suzanne is one of those rare business owners who can be fully human and completely professional at the same time. In fact, she embodies a reassuring strength of character that makes working with her a pleasure, not to mention stress-free.

And she is a patient and thoughtful teacher of all things WordPress (perhaps in part because she has spent many years explaining things to the young people who fill her household).

In addition to all that, Suzanne made wonderful contributions to my new blogsite, including finding the perfect photograph (when the old one on my previous site didn’t quite work anymore).

I had the feeling that she cared nearly as much as I did about how my site turned out. That gift of partnership seems to be part of her DNA, and it’s something that no amount of money can ever ensure. Happily, Suzanne has that kind of DNA.”

Laurel Marshfield

Blue Horizon Communications