Your small business website is your most important growth tool.

Does it work as hard as you do?

Clarify your message and marketing strategy.

Launch a small business website that works for you 24/7/365.

Know what to do to grow your business with ease.

Suzanne Bird-Harris

Suzanne Bird-Harris

Owner and CEO

You know your small business website could be doing more.

If you’re like most small business owners, you’ve wondered what to do…when to do it…where…and how. With the way things are constantly changing online, by the time you’ve figured something out, things have changed again. It’s a struggle to know how to make good marketing decisions, period. You want to grow your business, and marketing feels like a whole other full-time job.

I understand. That’s exactly why I do what I do. I stay on top of all of that, so you don’t have to.

Since 2002, I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you overcome confusion and create marketing that actually works — starting with a website that looks good, shows up in search, and makes you money. We’ll create a simple marketing plan you understand and can execute, making your website the business-building asset it should be instead of a frustrating expense.

The process is simple.

First, we clarify your message and brand. Then we create the marketing assets you need, including your small business website. Then, by the time we’re done, you’ll know what to do to grow your business. When you schedule a consultation, you’ll have taken the first step to effective marketing that works for you 24/7.

I am committed to helping you stop feeling confused and overwhelmed and showing you how to grow your business. I meet you where you’re at now and work with you to create marketing that actually works so you can generate more leads, customers, and revenue.

Schedule a consultation so we can get started.

Take the first step!

Make the web work for you.

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