Make the web work for you.

We can help.

Make the web work for you.

We can help.

Make the web work for you.

We can help.

You know a little about online business. Enough to be dangerous. Let’s get you the rest of the way.

We build, support and maintain WordPress websites for small businesses.

You have an idea, product or service to share with the world. Something that can help others solve a problem, lighten their load, save them time, make something easier, make them laugh, or simply give them a break from the grind of daily life.

Whatever that something is, you need to find the right people, show them how it helps them, and then ask for the sale (or sign-up, or….) And you want to do those things in a way that respects both you and them. Everything on the up-and-up, right? No sleazy sales tactics or marketing tricks, thank-you-very-much.

Maybe all you need is some guidance and a few questions answered to move forward. Or maybe you need a complete done-for-you solution. We meet you where you’re at, and together we create a plan.

Here are all the ways we can help.

Get Answers & Implement

You have ideas to implement and goals to reach. And lots of questions. Work with me and put decades of experience at your disposal. Make informed decisions without losing precious time and money through trial and error. Because going it alone? Sucks.
WordPress web design by WebsitesInWP

Get Your WP Website Built

Getting a WordPress website built doesn’t have to be a pain in the you-know-what. When you work with me, I ask questions until I “get” who you are, what you do, for whom, and how they benefit. Then we build your site to reflect that. Now, that’s a design for success!

Get WP Anti Hack Plan

Eliminate the worry, stress and on-going concern of protecting and maintaining your self-hosted WordPress website. Let me give you the peace of mind that goes with knowing your site is in good hands, so you can spend your time and energy growing your business.

online business consulting with WebsitesInWP

Get Guidance & Community

People say WordPress is easy. And it is…until it’s not. Then what?  You don’t have time to learn everything. WP DIY Club makes getting the help you need affordable and predictable. Doing it yourself doesn’t have to mean doing it alone.

Get Support

Did something break? Did DIY get you in over your head? Want to implement something new, but don’t have the time or the know-how? No worries! Help is here. I’ll get you fixed up in a jiffy.

Get Growth & Confidence

Growing a business online is full of tech challenges. This workshop series is designed to help you overcome those challenges while increasing your knowledge, your skills and your confidence. Turn those roadblocks into pit stops. You can do this.