All you need to make professional sales pages, product landing pages, and/or email squeeze pages in your self-hosted WordPress site – without changing themes!

If you are reading this page, then you most likely have a WordPress site for your online business. If you don’t, here are some reasons you should:

  • WordPress is easy to use. If you can type an email or create a Word document, you can create and manage content in a WordPress site.
  • Search engines L-O-V-E WordPress sites and index them quickly. With the help of a plugin or two, you can do SEO yourself and positively impact your site’s placement in search results and get found.
  • WordPress is not just for blogs. It’s become a robust content management system able to handle the trickiest of website requirements.

There are a few drawbacks to using WordPress, though, if you are using it for product sales pages, affiliate product landing pages or email squeeze pages:

  • There are too many distractions when headers, navigation menus, and sidebars are present…and you want these elements on most of the pages of your site – just not your sales pages!
  • Depending on the theme you’re using, it may be easy or very difficult to create a page template that hides the header, navigation menu and sidebar(s) for the handful of specialty pages you want to create.
  • You can create (or, more likely, pay a developer to create) HTML pages that exist outside your WordPress installation, but then you can’t edit them from your WordPress dashboard.

Introducing WP Sales Page

9 Colors Included!

While light gray is a neutral color and will “go with anything” and is the default color in this package…I thought you might like some different background options, so I’ve included 8 other colors to choose from! (Medium and dark gray, light, medium and dark blue, and light, medium and dark green.)

WP Sales Page         WP Sales Page         WP Sales PageWP Sales Page         WP Sales Page         WP Sales PageWP Sales Page         WP Sales Page         WP Sales Page

So, How Do You Use WP Sales Page?

Step 1: Using your favorite FTP program, upload the files to your hosting account according to the directions we provide in the accompanying e-book. Don’t worry – you’ll know exactly where to put each file (and there are only two files and one directory to upload) following our plain-English instructions.
Step 2: Create a new page. Yep – the same way you’ve always done – in your WordPress dashboard! Give it a keyword-rich title – the title doesn’t display on the page, but it does display in the browser and will be picked up by the search engines, so make it good!
Step 3: Write your sales copy. You get examples in the accompanying e-book that you can use to take advantage of all the built-in formatting – without having to know how to write HTML! Just copy/paste!
Step 4: Choose the WP-Sales-Page template from the template drop-down box. This is what makes all the magic happen!
Step 5: Publish your page. That’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does WP Sales Page Work? You simply add the template files to your WordPress theme and create individual pages with a different look and feel. This is perfect for special offers, affiliate promotions, joint venture offers, email sign-up pages or squeeze pages, product sales letters, etc.
  • Is WP Sales Page Difficult to Install and Setup? No way! You simply upload the template files to your theme directory then choose the template from the drop down menu when you create a new page or edit an existing one.
  • Is WP Sales Page a Plugin? Nope. It’s simply an additional page template that works with any WordPress theme.
  • Will It Work with My Theme? Since WP Sales Page is self-contained, it will work with your theme (no matter if it is a free or premium theme!)
  • Is It Compatible with Other Plugins? You betcha. The template should work with any plugin that currently works with your WordPress site or theme. There should not be any issues compatability wise with the template.
  • Is there a Limit on the Number of Pages I Can Create? Nope. You can create as many pages as you like!
  • I Have More Than One WordPress Site – Do I Have to Buy WP Sales Page For Each Site? Goodness, gracious, no! You can use WP Sales Page on as many of your own sites as you like! Our only requirement is that you do not share, giveaway or sell the template to anyone else. (Become an affiliate and earn a commission when you recommend it to someone else!)
  • I am a Website Developer. Can I Use It on My Client’s Sites? Yes. (Surprise!) I thought about charging developers a little more…for about 3 seconds. Then we came to our senses. Use the fact that you own WP Sales Page as a selling point – your clients will love that you can build them proper sales pages in conjunction with their favorite theme! (Become an affiliate, too, and add a little passive income stream to your business!)
  • What if I Have Other Questions? Simply contact us with your questions and we’ll be happy to assist you.

How About Some Bonuses? Yes?

Bonus #1: How to Use FTP (video)

This 15-minute video shows you how to find, download, and install a free FTP program, and then how to use it to upload files to your hosting account. (This will help you with Step 1 above, if you don’t already know how to use FTP.)


Bonus #2: 60+ Graphic Elements for You to Use on Your Pages!


Bonus #3: DIY SEO for Your WordPress Site (e-book)

This e-book is 27 pages of clear, plain-English explanations of the steps required to get the search engines’ attention and the increased traffic that goes with it. Fortunately for you, SEO is fairly easy to do for sites and blogs built in WordPress. Armed with a little information and some step-by-step instructions, you can significantly and positively impact your site’s performance in search results and ranking. This e-book will help you get your newly created sales pages found and indexed by the search engines! (You’ll want to use what you learn in this e-book on the rest of your pages, too, not just the ones you create with WP Sales Page!)

Special Introductory Pricing

You might be wondering by now how much this OUTSTANDING sales page template for WordPress is going to cost. I have good news for you… For a limited time only, you can get WP Sales Page and its supporting files, the instructional e-book including example sales and squeeze pages you can copy and edit, plus all the bonuses for the AMAZING introductory price of just $37.00. The included graphics are worth that alone, so I’m not sure how long this price will be in effect. You can use WP Sales Page as many times as you want in all your sites for this one great low price. To purchase WP Sales Page now, simply click the button below ANYTIME 24 hours a day, 7-days a week.

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P. S. Why continue to struggle or pay someone to create sales pages, squeeze pages and landing pages when you can do it yourself with WP Sales Page? For the low, introductory price of $37.00, you can be on your way to creating these pages in your WordPress site, without having to change themes! Order WP Sales Page today!

P. P. S. Don’t worry about whether or not you know how to write HTML. Included with WP Sales Page is an instructional e-book full of examples for you to copy and paste into your own pages to achieve the great looking pages you’re after.