We provide customized WordPress maintenance & security.

We take care of your site(s) so you can take care of business.


Maintenance and security for your self-hosted WordPress site is an on-going concern. Hackers are constantly wreaking havoc and don’t seem to need a good “reason” to mess with your site. Don’t let someone ruin your hard work for their own entertainment.

Let us handle these technical tasks for your site(s) starting today. We’ll give you the peace of mind that goes with knowing your site is in good hands, so you can focus on doing what it is you do best.

How It Works and What’s Included


First, We Go "Shields Up!"

The very first thing we do is harden and protect your site over 30 ways…much more than implementing strong passwords everywhere. We build a virtual moat around your site, complete with piranha and guards at every gate.


Updated Every Day

We check your site daily for WP, theme and plugin updates. Updates close loopholes and security flaws that make your site vulnerable to attack. If any updates create any conflicts or errors, we resolve them for you.


Customized Backups

We protect the time, money and hard work you’ve invested in your site and its content. We’ll create a customized backup schedule for your site. Backups are stored off-site, safe from any attacks or problems with your hosting account.


Malware and Virus Scans

Malware scanning finds malicious code on your site. We scan for malware and viruses, and if identified, contact you immediately to discuss the best resolution.


Uptime Monitoring

We check your site (every 60 seconds) to make sure it is online. If your site goes down, we notify you immediately so you can take corrective action ASAP.


“How-To” at Your Fingertips

Do more with your site with WordPress tips and training at your fingertips. A full suite of training videos on the topics you need to know, all kept up-to-date with the latest version of WordPress, right there in your Dashboard.


Save 20% on additional sites

Suzanne is a gem and a half. Not being a tech person, website issues have, on occasion, brought me to tears. No more. I LITERALLY sleep better because of her.

Mary Kutheis

Just knowing that you’re taking care of my website and are there if I need help with any WP or website questions is a huge burden lifted off my shoulders!

Deborah Bates

My major source of business comes through readers who find my two blogs, WritingontheWeb.com and ContentforCoaches.com. I can sleep soundly and play tennis without worry because I know Suzanne’s got my sites in her care.

A couple of times I’ve had glitches after an upgrade and she’s been there in an instant and solved some pretty irksome problems for me. Plus, she’s just fun to work with! Thanks, Suzanne!

Dr. Patsi Krakoff, Psy. D., aka The Blog Squad

As someone who is easily overwhelmed with all things technical, I need to be able to trust and rely on someone else to manage those details. I mean, I’d rather spend my time coaching clients and creating products than putting out technical fires or taking the time to figure out how to prevent them!

Ahhhh, but that is Suzanne’s Zone of Genius. She gives me peace of mind! I have no doubt that my business would not be growing at the rate that it is if Suzanne weren’t the “wizard behind the curtain” enabling things to function smoothly!

Karen Bierdeman


Save 20% on additional sites