Clean Up Your WordPress Database with One Click

sweepsetWe’ve talked about why it’s important to degrag your hard drive regularly. The same is true for your WordPress database.

MySQL is the type of database WordPress uses, and while it’s a great database, sometimes it doesn’t clean up after itself too well, and left unaddressed, you could end up with the same sort of problems as you have if you don’t defrag your hard drive regularly.

The phpMyAdmin interface in your hosting account might intimidate you a bit because of all it’s options. That’s ok – there’s quick, easy, one-click way to tidy up your database without having to use phpMyAdmin: a plug-in called Optimize DB.

Go ahead and download it, and then install it following these directions. Once installed, it’s just one click on a regular basis to keep your database clean, tidy and running efficiently.


  1. Looks good and maybe something I can use.
    Just downloaded it, and will take the inside look.
    Thanks for the tip.

    Have a great day.

    Tom´s last blog post..Tip for decreasing aging.

  2. WOw, thank i use very simple way, to delete database and create the new one. ha ha


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