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Get your website built for conversions and secured from nasty hackers. Get feedback on your ideas and guidance on strategies and tactics.

You’re working hard to make your success happen. And you’re smart enough to know that without a site that works as hard as you do, you aren’t going to get as far as you want, as fast as you want, to help as many people as you want.

But you don’t have the time or the patience to figure it all out on your own. Maybe you don’t even know where to start, which is fine. Because I do.

Get a website that your customers will adore, that does its job like a boss, and looks great while doing it! With a solid foundation, you can grow your business as big as your dreams.

You know your business could be doing more. Now’s the time to make it happen.

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online business consulting with WebsitesInWP

WordPress Consulting

You have better things to do than scour the web looking for answers. Work with someone who’s “been there, done that” and make decisions without losing precious time and money through trial and error. Because losing time and money? Sucks.

WordPress web design by WebsitesInWP

WordPress Web Design

Getting websites in WordPress doesn’t have to be a pain in your pinky toe. Work with a designer who listens until she “gets” who you are, what you do, for whom you do it, and how they benefit, and builds your site to reflect that. That’s a design for success, darlin’!

WordPress Maintenance & Security by WebsitesInWP

Maintenance & Security

Eliminate the worry, stress and on-going concern of protecting and maintaining your self-hosted WordPress website. Let me give you the peace of mind that goes with knowing your site is in good hands, so you can spend your time and energy doing what it is you do best.

Support by WebsitesInWP

Need Help? Get Support

You’re a business-owner. You don’t have time to sweat the details of your site and all it’s many parts. But, if you don’t? Who will? I will, that’s who. Let me handle your website so you can focus on the customers you have the privilege to serve. Because it is my privilege to serve you.

eBooks and eCourses

IDEATION: Generate Game Changing Ideas (eBook)

This ebook will walk you through tips, tricks and techniques that will help you become an idea generating machine. Stuck for ideas on what to blog about, or what new products and services to create in your business? This will help.

Learn More

Web Content Marketing 101 (eCourse)

An introductory eCourse to teach you how to consistently create content that attracts and engages your market. Identify topics, diversify and repurpose new and existing content, increase your reach and measure your results.

Learn More

Product Planning the Easy Way (eBook)

If you want a system to create all kinds of products — large and small, paid and free — that provide real value to your market in a repeatable process you can use again and again, this is the book for you.

Learn More

INFLUX: Free Web Traffic Strategies (eBook)

This simple, user-friendly guide is for anyone who is interested in developing free web traffic strategies. It will not be over your head. It will not just confuse you. These strategies have been proven, and are simple enough that anyone can do them.

Learn More

SWAY: Social Media for Business (eBook)

Using social media for business isn’t going to make a difference – using social media correctly can make a huge difference. This simple, user-friendly guide will take a complete “newbie” and teach them how to become a social media influencer.

Learn More

WP Maintenance Guide (eBook)

This guide details 39 action items with clear, plain-English explanations designed to help you perform the weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance your site requires to provide the platform from which you can be who you are, do what you do and reach those you’re looking to serve.

Learn More

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Suzanne Bird-Harris

Why Work with Me?

You want to make money from your business – in this lifetime. You don’t want to spend years and invest thousands of hours only to rake in pennies a week for your effort.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at this awhile, it can be frustrating to get through the growing pains. And WebsitesInWP is the medicine you need to stop the pains so you can speed that growth.

I’m Suzanne Bird-Harris. After an 18-year career in Corporate America, I’ve been developing websites and growing businesses for over a decade. Yes, I know. Don’t let my vivacious good looks fool you. :)

I know how to develop businesses and I am here to help you develop yours. One step at a time, so the growing? Doesn’t hurt.

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