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Probably told you before but want to tell you again: LOVE your writing style. I always am happy to see your email in my inbox because I can count on you to make me smile or laugh out loud AND teach me something useful.  Thanks Suzanne! Michelle Goss

online business consulting with WebsitesInWP

WordPress Consulting

You have better things to do than scour the web looking for answers. Work with someone who’s “been there, done that” and make decisions without losing precious time and money through trial and error. Because losing time and money? Sucks.

WordPress web design by WebsitesInWP

WordPress Web Design

Getting websites in WordPress doesn’t have to be a pain in your pinky toe. Work with a designer who listens until she “gets” who you are, what you do, for whom you do it, and how they benefit, and builds your site to reflect that. That’s a design for success, darlin’!

WordPress Maintenance & Security by WebsitesInWP

Maintenance & Security

Breaking out in hives when you read that? Yeah. Most people do. But, it’s necessary. Our Maintenance & Security services let you sleep at night knowing your customers, your business, and all your hard work are safe from the evil hackers of the world.

Support by WebsitesInWP

Need Help? Get Support

You’re a business-owner. You don’t have time to sweat the details of your site and all it’s many parts. But, if you don’t? Who will? We will, that’s who. Let us handle your website so you can focus on the customers you have the privilege to serve. Because it is our privilege to serve you.

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Keep WordPress Sites Updated!

I’ve built in excess of 500 WordPress websites and the number one problem I see after I turn the sites over to the owners is that they don’t keep WordPress sites updated. Despite the fact that I show them how to do these updates, supply them with this blog... read more
Suzanne Bird-Harris

Why Work with Us?

You want to make money from your business – in this lifetime. You don’t want to spend years and invest thousands of hours only to rake in pennies a week for your effort. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at this awhile, it can be frustrating to get through the growing pains. And WebsitesInWP is the medicine you need to stop the pains so you can speed that growth.

I’m Suzanne Bird-Harris. After an 18-year career in Corporate America, I’ve been designing websites and growing businesses (and their online presences) for over a decade. Yes, I know. Don’t let my vivacious good looks fool you. :) I know how to develop businesses and we are here to help you develop yours. One step at a time, so the growing? Doesn’t hurt.

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